Northern Gaza; 46,000 buildings were completely destroyed Madhyamam

Gaza: Residents of northern Gaza, who returned to their homeland during the ceasefire, found their homes in ruins. All but one of the buildings were damaged.

According to the UN agency, 2,34,000 buildings were damaged. 46,000 buildings were completely destroyed. Reversing this is a formidable challenge.

As a result of the heavy attack, about 18 lakh people fled from northern Gaza to the southern part. Despite Israeli forces repeatedly asking them not to return to the north, many are seeking their homes. Most of the rest rely on UN-run refugee camps, while a few end up sleeping on the streets. Where they will go if Israel resumes the ground war is a question mark. Especially when Egypt has stated that it will not accept refugees.

Following the temporary ceasefire, the distribution of food, water and medicine has started, but it is not enough. Every day 160 to 200 trucks arrive with relief materials. However, this is less than half of what is needed.

The World Health Organization says the disease is spreading.

Gaza: More people killed in Gaza than Israel’s attack The World Health Organization has warned that people will die from the disease.

Deadly outbreak of infectious diseases in Gaza said Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the medical association. The health care system is completely broken. Al-Sifa hospital destroyed by Israeli army They also added that the

Meanwhile, the maintenance work of the dialysis unit at Al Shifa Hospital Kusesh opened. The Ministry of Health informed that the admission of patients has started.

Now there are around 180 patients under treatment in the hospital. 22 of them are kidney patients.

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