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“Norovirus Cases on the Rise in the US, CDC Reports”

Norovirus Cases on the Rise in the US, CDC Reports

Cases of norovirus, a highly contagious virus that causes gastrointestinal symptoms, are increasing in the United States, according to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC reported that in the week ending February 17, over 12% of tests for norovirus came back positive, an increase from the previous week’s 11.5%. The Northeast region of the US has been particularly affected, with more than 13% of tests returning positive results since late January.

Although the number of cases is rising, it is important to note that they are still below the levels seen at this time last season. Last year, about 15% of tests were positive for norovirus nationally and in the Northeast. The CDC explains that outbreaks of norovirus are most common during the late fall, winter, and early spring.

Norovirus is the leading cause of acute gastroenteritis, commonly known as a stomach bug, in the United States. It is responsible for 19 million to 21 million illnesses each year, often occurring in crowded environments such as nursing homes, day care centers, and cruise ships. The virus can spread through direct contact with an infected person, consumption of contaminated food or liquids, or touching contaminated surfaces and then touching one’s mouth. It is worth noting that an infected person can still transmit norovirus even after their symptoms have resolved for two or more weeks.

The most common symptoms of norovirus include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and stomach pain. While there is no specific treatment for the virus, experts recommend staying hydrated by drinking plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration. To prevent illness, the CDC advises individuals to wash their hands regularly, rinse fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and cook shellfish properly.

In January, the US Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory warning against the sale and consumption of certain oysters from Baja California and Mexico due to potential norovirus contamination. This highlights the importance of food safety measures in preventing the spread of the virus.

In December, a sushi restaurant in North Carolina was linked to over 200 suspected cases of norovirus. This incident serves as a reminder of the need for proper hygiene and sanitation practices in food establishments to prevent outbreaks.

As norovirus cases continue to rise in the US, it is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the virus. By following proper hygiene practices and being mindful of food safety, we can help reduce the spread of norovirus and minimize its impact on public health.


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