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Nongshim, Lotte GRS, Paris Croissant, CJ CheilJedang, winning growth index ‘Best’

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Nongshim has been awarded the highest grade in the win-win growth index rating for 4 consecutive years

Nongshim, Lotte GRS, Paris Croissant and CJ CheilJedang received “Excellent” marks in the 2021 Shared Growth Index rating. Notably, Nongshim received the best rating for four consecutive years and was named ‘Best Honorary Company’.

The 21st Win-Win Growth Committee (chairman Ki-Hong Kwon) held the 71st Win-Win Growth Committee and announced the results of the win-win growth index assessment for 215 large and medium-sized enterprises .

Last year’s win-win growth index was broken down into four grades, best, excellent, good, and average, after adding up the results of the Companion Committee’s “Comprehensive Growth Assessment” and the “Implementation Assessment fair trade agreement “of the fair Trade commission in the same proportion The seven companies that did not participate in the” Evaluation of the implementation of the settlement agreement “or participated in an insincere manner received an insufficient rating.

Furthermore, in order to overcome the COVID-19 crisis, the voluntary and diversified efforts of large and medium-sized enterprises for unlisted SMEs and local communities, introduced by the evaluation in 2020, were reflected in the evaluation.

Following the evaluation of the shared growth index of 215 companies subject to publication in 2021, the best 38 companies, 65 excellent companies, 70 good companies, 29 medium companies, 7 poor companies and 6 companies with postponement of the publication.

In the food and catering sector, Nongshim, Lotte GRS, Paris Croissant and CJ CheilJedang received ‘Excellence’, while Daesang, Lotte Confectionery, Ottogi, Pulmuone Foods, Korea Ginseng Corporation, CJ Foodville, SPC Samlip ‘Excellent’, Namyang Dairy, Dongwon F&B, Lotte Food, Maeil Dairy, Binggrae, Samyang Corporation, Orion, Harim, Haitai Confectionery Foods, hy “good”, OB Beer, Hite Jinro all received “medium” ratings.

Nongshim received the best rating for 4 consecutive years and was named “Best Honorary Company”. Nongshim received top marks in recognition of his efforts to support stable partner management and improve quality competitiveness through various win-win programs, such as financial support, technology, environmental and sanitation support, and market expansion for 120 small and medium-sized business partners. .

Government-level incentives, such as exemption from the Fair Trade Commission ex officio investigation by the Fair Trade Commission, exemption from the investigation of the state of operations contracted and entrusted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (every two years ) and further the points of the preselection of the Public Procurement Service (PQ), are attributed to the companies with the best or excellent evaluation results.

The Win-Win Committee creates an atmosphere in which companies that have received excellent evaluations in the Win-Win Growth Index can be socially recognized and respected, fostering the spread of a culture of cooperation.

Additionally, we plan to continually improve the rating system in line with the rapidly changing industrial environment to increase acceptance.

In the meantime, five items on the agenda were reported, deliberated and deliberated at this plenary meeting, including the announcement of the results of the assessment of the shared growth index for 2021.

The accompanying committee has delivered a letter of recommendation to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to designate an activity suitable for small businesses for livelihood for the wholesale egg business and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups will decide on the final resolution and on the designation.

In the case of other fresh food and plain processed egg wholesalers, the Korea Egg Sorting and Packaging Association and large corporations are looking for a win-win cooperation plan.

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