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“No Time to Die” was already obsolete before it even opened in theaters: do you even have to re-shoot scenes for the Bond film? – Cinema news

As things stand at present, the 25th James Bond film “No Time to Die” will hit theaters in October 2021 – almost two years after the originally planned start. The modern gadgets in the film are slowly threatening to collect some dust …

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Big cinema blockbusters are the perfect advertising space for companies to promote their brand new products. Calling on a cell phone like James Bond, wearing the same watch as 007? Advertising partners usually make all of this possible shortly after the cinema release. “James Bond 007 – No Time To Die” is no exception.

That the cinema release of the film originally planned for November 2019 has now been postponed by almost two years – “No Time to Die” is currently in US cinemas on October 8, 2021 (German start expected October 7th) – but not only hurts movie lovers who are looking forward to the final showdown of Daniel Craig as 007. The advertising partners should not be happy either – and could even ensure that the filmmakers have to do it again.

As The Sun now reported that the advertising placements in the film are meanwhile so outdated that they simply fail to serve their purpose. While reports from the British tabloid shouldn’t always be taken at face value, in this case there might well be something to it …

Outdated gadgets in the new Bond? Unthinkable!

Especially in the relatively grounded 007 missions of the more recent past, we saw a lot of technical gadgets that actually already exist – or at least are already being developed. Similar to the deadly gadgets, the stylish accessories of the super spy are also handled. Whether it’s a mobile pedestal or a noble chronometer on the wrist, Bond is a trendsetter who primarily advertises products that are yet to be made accessible to the rest of the world.

This point threatens to be exceeded with the delayed start of “No time to die”. Bond playing on screen with gadgets that have long been available in stores? Embarrassing. For advertising partners such as Nokia or Omega, among others, it is probably even worse: the products you use in the film are by no means new this coming October. “That’s not the point of these deals,” an insider told the Sun. But how can this problem be solved now?

The solution of the problem

Now there are several possibilities how to deal with the matter:

Solution 1: re-shoot. The cast around Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas (“Knives Out”), Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and co. Could of course reassemble in front of the camera to shoot the corresponding scenes with newer models. This is not only a huge effort, it is also very expensive – and therefore probably not too likely.

Solution 2: image editing. It is more likely that you will digitally trick and replace the old models with newer ones in a few simple steps on the computer. This shouldn’t be a problem with watches and cell phones, but it could look a little different with cars. In view of the technical possibilities nowadays, this variant seems quite feasible – and above all, comparatively affordable.

Solution 3: Everything stays the same. Since there is still no official statement on the debate, it also seems conceivable that all of this may not be that bad – and that in the end the original version will simply be retained.

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We will hopefully see how topical “No Time to Die” really is in the end on the screen next October.

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