No, this is Edho Zell’s reaction when he found out the price of Atta and Aurel’s wedding souvenir necklaces

JAKARTA,– YouTuber Edho Zell make you laugh with the trend-following new TikTok content using the sound “Panic don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, cook or not.”

The reason is that when the voice is widely used by TikTok users to describe lies, Edho makes it funny by uploading a video when he realizes the price souvenir Atta and Aurel’s marriage.

In the TikTok video uploaded to his account @edhozell, Edho initially showed a piece of an article about the price of a pendant necklace in a wedding souvenir which was said to have reached Rp. 2 million.

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Edho, who was surprised, immediately ran to the car to get the souvenir box using the sound “Panic don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t you panic?”

He opened one by one the packages in Atta and Aurel’s gift boxes until he finally found the pendant in question.

In the description of his upload, Edho wrote his gratitude for being invited to Atta and Aurel’s wedding.

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“Thank you for inviting me @attahalilintar @ aureliehermansyah10 to be the same family,” wrote Edho.

Edho’s upload was immediately crowded with netizen comments with various funny comments.

“Small towel souvenir cries seeing this,“write an account @lihatbalasan (43).

“Save the mayan necklace for the others, ehh, it means mayan for mami El,” wrote @aries.

Souvenir plastic spoon crying seeing this, “ write @iyasaya.

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“Souvenir centong nasi ngakak aja tuh,” write @ user3115577117726.

If we don’t tell you the price until Christmas is in the car, then I don’t think it’s been ignored, “ write @putriichigohandrian accompanied by a laughing emoji.


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