No more waiting at the checkout: Edeka brings ingenious shopping carts to the branches

The Easy Shopper is a smart shopping cart. Equipped with a display and a scanner, it is designed to speed up shopping and especially the process at the checkout.

Unlike conventional shopping trolleys, the Easy Shopper is an open trolley with space for your own shopping bags. Using the scanner, customers can scan their goods themselves and then place them directly in their own shopping bag placed on the Easy Shopper.

There should be space for three large parchment bags on the smart car. Bulky products such as beverage crates can be placed in a lower cart compartment. As with conventional trolleys, a child seat is also integrated in the Easy Shopper.

A camera and an integrated scale in the Easy Shopper are also designed to prevent customers from taking products with them that were not previously scanned and paid for.

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