No more keyhole surgery on the knee or liposuctions scheduled to …

Planned non-urgent interventions will continue as usual. But some operations, such as aesthetic or keyhole surgery on the knee, are no longer scheduled in the hospitals of Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA). This is in order to be able to deploy the staff as optimally as possible in departments where necessary.

Non-urgent care continues to be provided in the hospitals of Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen (ZNA), but some non-urgent operations are temporarily not scheduled. “This is necessary to be able to provide sufficient nursing staff,” said ZNA on Monday.

All planned operations will continue as usual, it sounds Monday. “So patients don’t have to call to ask if their surgery is taking place.”

Certain non-urgent new operations, such as an aesthetic surgery or keyhole surgery on the knee, on the other hand, are temporarily no longer scheduled. This is done in consultation between the doctor and the patient.

“The care of a Covid patient in a normal nursing ward requires twice as many hands as a non-corona patient,” says spokesman Tom Van de Vreken. “This is three times in intensive care.”

By temporarily postponing a number of operations, people want to save staff to be able to deploy them where they are most needed.

Urgent interventions are always carried out for 100 percent, ZNA emphasizes. “If you need urgent care, you come to the hospital as soon as possible and get the care you need,” says Van de Vreken.


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