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No first corona-proof event square due to storm Odette: concer … (Kortrijk)

The organization does not want to take any risks.

Photo: kris vanhee

Kortrijk –

Tonight, Het Zesde Metaal would open the country’s first corona-proof event square in Kortrijk. 1,200 people had a ticket ready, good for a completely sold out concert. However, due to the persistent stormy weather, organizer Wilde Westen and City of Kortrijk decided not to have the entire opening weekend take place.

Wind gusts of up to 90 km per hour are expected again tonight. In consultation with the fire brigade, stage and construction builders and the weather station Koksijde, organizer Wilde Westen and the city of Kortrijk therefore decided not to hold the opening weekend. Due to the rain and gusts of wind, safety cannot be guaranteed for the visitors. Moreover, the organizers of the Wild West and the City of Kortrijk do not want to send anyone on the road unnecessarily in this weather.

So there will be no (sold out) concert by Brihang tomorrow either because the weather forecast remains too bad. In those circumstances, organizing an event of that magnitude is irresponsible. There will be a new date. Tom Vangheluwe, Wilde Westen: “More information about a possible new date and what happens with tickets will follow soon.”

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