Nintendo Direct: New database entries: first edition in 2020 soon?

The new year is not quite a day old, there is already speculation about an early first Nintendo direct conference in 2020.

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All major console manufacturers now use their own video formats to provide information about upcoming new releases at more or less regular intervals. The trendsetter was kind of Nintendo with the direct format – and now the next such conference could be imminent.

At GameStop, twelve SKU placeholders with switch cover have appeared in the system. What does that have to do with a possible direct conference? In the past, the chain of dealers has already stored placeholders for newly announced switch titles in the system in the run-up to new Direct editions so that the products can then go live in a timely manner. In other words, there have been comparable processes in the past and these actually led to a direct conference. This could be planned as early as the middle of January 2020, even if an official announcement is still missing.

The twelve placeholders are named in the context of the already known switch titles Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore and Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, which tends to give the leak a somewhat more trustworthy status, even if this time no concrete unannounced game is mentioned, such as its time the Overwatch switch port.

With the exception of 2016, Nintendo has actually broadcast a large direct edition every January or February of a year since 2013. So the signs are actually quite good that this time it could be so soon.

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