Nimes. Holy Grails: The Beauty of Glass Blowing is exhibited at Galerie 4, Barbier

The showcase gallery 4,Barbier in Nîmes opens its doors to the public for a few days to discover the collaborative exhibition Sacred Graals initiated by glassblower Eric Lindgren.

Glass blower Eric Lindgren leaves his Funambulle workshop in Sauve to exhibit until December 10 in the window of gallery 4, Barbier in the center of Nîmes. A collaborative exhibition as he asked his friends to each imagine a drawing. Known for his contemporary design pieces, Eric Lindgren returned to his Swedish roots to create his famous grails, large vases containing a design between their layers of colored glass. Each piece is unique and required a week of work between the glass overlaying, blowing and engraving stages. “It’s a Swedish technique that was invented in the 1920s, explains the artist. I superimpose layers of colored glass on what’s called a pole (sort of like a big egg, ed.). Then I remove the layers to reveal the design.” . A video accompanies the exhibition and details this long and meticulous method (see below).

For the occasion, the glassmaker wanted to surround himself with his friends, artists and non-artists, so that everyone could imagine the design he wanted to engrave on the grail. As is often the case with blown glass, the result is captivatingly beautiful.

Illuminated every day until midnight, the gallery opens its doors to the public on Saturday 3 December from 14.00 to 18.00, Tuesday 6 from 18.30 to 20.00, Friday 9 from 18.30 to 20.00 and Saturday 10 from 14.00 as well as by appointment 06 41 97 48 78.

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