Nikolaev congratulated Leshchenko on his birthday

On February 1, the People’s Artist of Russia celebrates the 78th anniversary.

Lev Leshchenko / Photo:

Igor Nikolaev, who celebrated his anniversary in mid-January, hastened to congratulate his old friend Lev Leshchenko on his birthday. On February 1, the People’s Artist of Russia celebrates the 78th anniversary. In a conversation with reporters, Lev Valeryanovich admitted that he does not plan to celebrate the date this year. Together with his wife Irina Leshchenko, he will leave for Italy for a week to take a break from close attention to himself and from work. The birthday boy promised his friends not to upset and celebrate the upcoming 80th birthday.

One of the first to congratulate Leshchenko Happy neighbor, Igor Nikolaev. The composer admitted – at one time he could not imagine that he would someday live side by side with a folk artist and, moreover, would become his friend.

“How could I know that we have been living as neighbors for many years, we will be friends, dress in the same dressing room and perform in concerts alone!” Lev Valerianovich is an amazing person, a truly national artist, good-natured, bright, witty! Health, happiness and many years to you and Irochka, take care of yourself and each other! ”, – wrote Nikolaev and attached a couple of memorable pictures to the congratulation Leshchenko.

Congratulated the artist and Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova. The politician drew attention to Leshchenko’s “incredible voice and amazing artistic charm”, and also wished the singer optimism and good health.



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