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Nightclubs and discos fear survival if corona policy is not changed

“We have had no perspective at all since March,” said Aziz Yagoub, owner of two clubs in Rotterdam and organizer of festivals in the city. “You have to deal with personnel and other obligations as an entrepreneur. How are you going to do that if you don’t know when something is allowed or possible?”

At the corona papers conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge, on Wednesday, relaxations were again announced for various sectors. About night clubs and discotheques Rutte said that on September 1 there will be “a new weighing moment”. The main reason for this is that the one and a half meter measure is difficult to comply with in those places.

The relaxation of measures for nightclubs and discos previously led to a new outbreak in South Korea. In the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the number of infections rose after illegal parties, among other things.

“We have learned from that and we want to approach it differently. Make it legal instead of illegal,” Yagoub said. “We ask in advance if anyone has any complaints, there is a temperature control and in the event of a fire, we immediately know who should be warned, because everyone has made a reservation in advance.”

Water on the lips

Thys Boer of N8W8, the Rotterdam business club in the field of nightlife, also calls it painful for clubs in the NOS Radio 1 News. “The water is absolutely on their lips. If clubs don’t survive, it’s bad for nightlife. Nightlife in the city widens the field of vision, offers the opportunity to forget about worries, and social ties are strengthened. intimate moments were created on the dance floor. That is unique. “

But it is not possible to set up a disco at a distance of one and a half meters, says Boer. “Normally clubs are open two days a week on average and then the square meters have to be recouped in a short time. But I hear from entrepreneurs that they are prepared to go very far for a drop on a glowing plate.”

Boer wants to think about alternatives to nightlife. “I don’t feel that nightlife has done everything to explore possibilities and opportunities.”

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