Nicki Minaj makes headlines: – Became impotent by the vaccine

There are still people who have divided opinions on whether one should be vaccinated or not against Covid-19. One of those who is not yet convinced that vaccination is the right way to go is rapper Nicki Minaj (38).

According to Sky News The artist revealed that the reason she did not participate in this weekend’s MTV Awards was because she was recently infected with corona, and she has not been vaccinated because she wants to do better research first.

– Should be ashamed

On Monday, Minaj also claimed that a friend of her cousin became impotent after taking the vaccine. This is now making headlines.

“My cousin in Trinidad does not want to be vaccinated because his friend did and became impotent. His testicles swelled. It was only a few weeks before he was to get married, and now the girl has canceled the wedding. So pray to find answers and make sure you are comfortable with the choice you make, not bullied “, she tweeted to her 22 million followers.

The 38-year-old, who was born in Trinidad and raised in New York, was quickly made fun of on social media after sharing this post. But it is not just the fans who react to Minaj’s statements.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the British Minister of Health Chris Whitty are now criticizing the star for spreading untruths that the vaccine can lead to impotence, writes Sky News.

– There are a number of myths swirling around. Some of these are completely ridiculous and some are clearly created to spread fear. This is one of them, Whitty said when a reporter asked what he thought of the rapper’s statement during a press conference in Downing Street on Tuesday.

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The Minister of Health further stated that there are “people who try to deter others from taking a vaccine that can save lives or prevent them from getting life-changing injuries”.

– Unfortunately, many of these people know that they are spreading untruths, but continue to do so nonetheless. In my opinion, they should be ashamed, he shared, according to the website.

“I love him”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that he knows little about who the rapper is.

– I’m not as familiar with what Nicki Minaj does as I might be. But I know Nikki Kanani, a superstar of a doctor who has spoken to you many times, and who will tell you that vaccines are wonderful and that everyone should take them, he said, emphasizing:

– That’s why I prefer to listen to Nikki Kanani.

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The press conference in the UK has not passed Nicki Minaj’s house. However, she does not seem to take the British Prime Minister and the Minister of Health seriously.

On Tuesday, the artist shares a video from the press conference in Downing Street on Twitter where she writes the following to Boris Johnson’s comment:

‘I love him even though I guess he’s dissing me? Oh that accent! Jaaaaa dear !! »


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