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Nick Gordon was in ‘a normal state of mind’ shortly before his death

Nick Gordon, the ex of Bobbi Kirstina Brown – the only daughter of the late Whitney Hoston – was found dead on New Years Day (01.01.20) at the age of 30, and his brother, Jack Walker Jr., today revealed that he made a desperate attempt to wake up his brother when he was in hospital, without success, and that his brother was in “normal condition” a few hours before he died.

Jack Walker Jr. said, “I spoke to him six hours before he died.

He was in a normal state of mind. Nick was fine, he was cool, like anyone on New Years, honestly.

He called me, but I was working. I was busy, so I told him I would call him back when I was done.

He didn’t seem to be bothered or anything like that. It was normal.

Jack then rushed to the intensive care unit of Altamonte Springs, Florida hospital after learning that Nick had been taken to that hospital, unconscious, and then he desperately tried to wake his brother.

He said, “I did my best to wake my brother up. Me, my father and [la petite amie de Nick] Laura [Leal] were there with him.

“Nick didn’t speak at all. He didn’t speak, but he could hear me.”

Nick was an orphan before Bobbi Kristina Brown’s late mother Whitney Houston – who died accidentally drowned in a bathtub in 2012 at the age of 48 – took him under his wing when he was 12 years old , but she had not adopted it legally.

After Whitney Houston’s death, Nick was officially in a relationship with Bobbi Kristina – who died in 2015 at the age of 22, after spending six months in a coma, after she was discovered unconscious in a bathtub, she too – and they would have been engaged, but Nick later denied that they were dating or that they were engaged.

However, in 2014, Nick claimed to have married the late Bobbi Kristina, but their marriage was allegedly canceled by a lawyer hired by her father, who is none other than Bobby Brown, the interpreter’s ex-husband d ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Nick had been found legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina in a civil case, and had been ordered to pay $ 36 million to his estate, and Jack said his death had an impact on his brother.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: “Sure he did. My brother loved him.

“Everything. All this. Everything he went through had an impact on my brother.”

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