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neymar jr, neymar out of group stage matches, big setback for brazil in world cup – fifa world cup neymar out of group matches reports

Brazilian superstar Neymar will miss the remaining group matches of the Qatar World Cup with an ankle injury. Last day, Neymar (Neymar Jr) injured his leg in the match against Serbia. Brazil’s World Cup hopes (Qatar World Cup) are set in stone when their star player is injured in the first game itself.

Neymar faced nine fouls in the match against Serbia. In this one, Nikola Milankovic’s hard tackling put the player’s leg to work. In the 79th minute after a foul, Neymar fell to the ground and was pulled off the pitch. Instead Anthony entered the field in the 80th minute. Fans were sure things were a little serious when photos of Neymar’s injured ankle with swelling surfaced.
Neymar out with injury; Signs that Brazil will suffer a huge setback at the World Cup…Neymar was withdrawn due to injury in the match against Serbia and remained on the substitute bench until the end of the match. After watching the last 10 minutes with an ice pack, the player is limping in the locker room. In subsequent tests, it became clear that Neymar will miss group stage matches.

In the first match against Serbia, Brazil won by 2 unanswered goals. The Latin American giants put up a strong performance in this match. Brazil’s remaining group stage matches at the World Cup are against Switzerland on Monday and against Cameroon on 3 December. Reports are that Brazil will not get Neymar’s services in these matches.

At the same time, Neymar is prone to injuries. Neymar suffered a serious injury during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. It was during the quarterfinal match against Colombia. Despite winning that day, Brazil lost in the semifinals without Neymar. It’s the same old thing worrying Brazil when Neymar gets injured again.
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Neymar and injuries

Injury-friendly Neymar was in the throes of injuries before the 2018 World Cup. But just before the World Cup in Russia, Neymar recovered from his injury and made it to the tournament. But in this World Cup, Brazil has not lived up to expectations. Neymar, who played 122 games for Brazil, also missed the 2019 Copa America with a right leg injury. In 2021, Neymar was sidelined for 10 weeks with a ligament injury. This time, when he was at his peak fitness for the World Cup in Qatar, the injury came in the form of yet another villain.

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Neymar’s injury is a blow to Brazil

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