Next week MS collection – Genemuiden Current

The door-to-door collection of the National MS Fund will be held in Genemuiden from June 27 to July 2. Thousands of fundraising volunteers go door-to-door or take action online to fight MS (multiple sclerosis).

The MS Fund is currently making clear in the ‘Face it. MS is nerve-racking.”

Much is still unknown about MS. Researchers don’t yet know what causes MS and how it can be cured. With the proceeds of the collection, the MS Fund invests, among other things, in innovative research to find better treatment methods. But she also coaches people to improve the quality of their lives. About 10,000 collectors are expected to knock on doors in their neighbourhood. In addition, many hundreds will start collecting online.

Missed collector? Donate online via or transfer your donation to NL 92 INGB 000000 5057. Want to take action yourself? Then create a digital collection box at and start collecting online immediately.

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