News – “ It wouldn’t surprise me if Roger Federer … ”, says analyst

With 931 weeks in the Top Ten of the men’s circuit, Roger Federer is the one who leads this curious and interesting ranking and advances (even if it is difficult) towards the commitment of the 1000 weeks within the Top Ten.

However, age is certainly not on the Swiss champion’s side with Nadal who, with a few years younger, has the opportunity to catch up and defeat his eternal rival. Roger Federer leads the standings at 931, behind second place is American Jimmy Connors at an altitude of 816 while Rafa works to overtake in second place at an altitude of 801.

This ranking can represent the umpteenth challenge of an incredible career between the two great champions. Further in the ranking, Novak Djokovic, held back mainly by the ups and downs, in terms of results between 2016 and 2017.

Despite this, he is working in sixth place to bring the top positions closer together. Here is the full ranking: Roger Federer 931, Jimmy Connors 816, Rafael Nadal 801, André Agassi 747, Ivan Lendl 671, Novak Djokovic 666, Pete Sampras 586, Boris Becker 576, John McEnroe 538, Stefan Edberg 497.

Roger Federer’s return from injury in 2021 is eagerly awaited. He was supposed to return to the 2021 Australian Open, but he wasn’t ready on time. But still, many expect a 2017-like Federer return. And former Britain No.1 Annabel Croft firmly believes Roger Federer can do something different and challenge his rivals, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. .

Annabel Croft has analyzed and expects Roger Federer to make smart decisions. She said the Swiss Master will be more offensive and will look for shorter points. Federer’s strategy will determine whether he can fight for the important titles.

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“He’s had time to think about his strategy for 2021 and has always been very smart in his training and programming, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he focused his practice on very short, crisp attack points.

“If he wants to fight for the biggest prizes, he must surely avoid being drawn into long wars of attrition. By nature, Federer is an aggressive player who seeks to win games quickly, but he might have decided that at this point in his career it is time to shorten the points even more by attacking at every conceivable opportunity, playing chip and charge on its returns. and get into the net whenever he can ”.

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