News 24 | Video.. The Crown Prince in a restaurant in Al-Ula amidst a warm welcome

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz appeared in a restaurant in Al-Ula tourist governorate. A warm welcome from the restaurant goers.

Today (Friday), videos circulated extensively on social media showing restaurant patrons welcoming the arrival of Prince Muhammad, accompanied by a number of his aides and guests of the Kingdom, chanting in loud voices, “Hello, Halshof, Abu Salman,” while some of them captured their mobile cameras to document this moment.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is keen to be present in the facades, tourist places and various events, to be at the forefront of the visitors and tourism promoters of these sites, and closely follows the organizations and preparations to host the various events.

The Crown Prince previously hosted a summit of leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in the tourist region of Al-Ula, and he also received a number of foreign leaders and officials in the historic Diriyah region.

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