New York’s 10 Corso Como store closes its doors

Milanese temple of luxury 10 Corso Como is about to close its New York store. A spokesperson for the famous concept store confirmed to that an agreement had been signed to this effect with The Howard Hughes Corporation, the real estate group, owner of the walls, which managed the space in partnership with the Italian brand. .

The entrance to 10 Corso Como in New York – Seaport District

“It was not an easy decision, but as the coronavirus pandemic continues to accelerate and the future is uncertain, circumstances do not allow 10 Corso Como to grow in Seaport District at this point,” comments Carla Sozzani, who founded the brand in 1990.

The store was inaugurated in September 2018 following a partnership with the real estate group The Howard Hughes Corporation as part of its project to revitalize Seaport District, a commercial area located south of Manhattan Island, on the East River. , in historic New York Harbor, with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

Beyond the coronavirus crisis, 10 Corso Como in New York probably had not yet found its cruising speed. This new shopping district took a long time to take off. In addition, the brand well known in Europe, was undoubtedly less so in the United States. Finally, the 2,500 square meter space had integrated a large restaurant, which had not given the expected results and had been closed in January.

This concept store mixing fashion, art, photography, music, lifestyle and catering, installed in a converted old Milan garage, is very particular and strongly anchored in its place of origin and Corso Como street, from which it took the name. In recent years Carla Sozzani has exported the format with varying degrees of success.

The two outlets opened in Seoul worked well from the start. On the other hand, the two stores inaugurated in China with Trendy Group in Shanghai and Beijing were closed. After a first experience in Japan with Comme des Garçons in the early 2000s, 10 Corso Como returned to this country in 2017, opening two corners in Tokyo within the department stores of the Japanese group Sogo-Seibu.

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