New York will have rainy and cloudy weather on Saturday | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

responsible.if the state fails, the citygonna have to take thatspace to preventeviction.íctor: on the verge of thislong holiday weekend,many wonder ifWe are going to see the face of the sun.adriana: that heat that weconfirms jeus coming on the way?jeus: yes, but alsowe will have rainy season.umbrella in hand. if they cancelebrate your weekendwide, leave your paraguas ora waterproof jacket withyou, so that you are preparedfor this weather condition.the last hours passed onesevere weather herula for thegarden state and areanew york metropolitan.we see that elula in the north ofbridgeport, is the first of thesecond that will impact us innight hours.we will see the proóstico thissaturday we wake up within the afternoon it becomes cloudy,there is that risk. we are going tohave periods of rain and therisk of some stormsrich. it won’t rain all dayIt was Saturday, but we will see alittle sun and risk of rain.for memorial day and aá innew york somethingvery special, 67 at 8:00the morning, at noonwe will have sunny period andcloudinessat 4:00 in the afternoonrisk of a 7:00 pm todaywe got that rain affectingespecially with drizzle in greatdepart from long island.a little further into the futureSaturday is the second round ofsevere weather in hours of theearly morning, mostWe are going to besleeping and many celebratingin the city.caution, since we have therisk of electrical storms.Saturday at 2:45 arrivesthis this stability to not cover the entire arearainy periods.the weather becomes better and moresteady. for Sunday thetemperatures will bespectacular.

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