New York will experience a Saturday with sunny and stable weather | Videos | Univision 41 New York WXTV

organizations can helpin the next few years.adriana: it’s time to go backwith jeús ópez, of theguardians of time thequestion is if we continueholding coldjesus the weekend,wonderful, but the coldcontinues in our area. thetemperatures at dawnSaturday at 15°. Currently, thethermometer marks 19° fornewark, 20 for manhattan andmonticello at 12°. windis blowing from the north betweenfive miles and 10 mileshour. there it feelstemperature when leaving theirhouses. it sits at 11° in theguard, 9th at jfk and forcentral park feels like 12°.if you’re going out tonight,wear a heavy coat. there arehigh pressure in ourarea, brings us the wind of thenorth and that cold air massto our region. she’s tallprison is going to be theprotagonist in deflecting astorm to the east and toasta stable weekend,but thread.if you’re going out to dinner, get dresseda strong coat, becausetemperatures will be the aperitif, 20°temperature and at dinner, thetemperature will mark 16 °.a very strong coat and ahot dinner, the ingredientsperfect for spending an eveningspectacular.for tomorrow, 15°maximac temperature, enoughsuns our area. at 3:00in the afternoon with 28 ° and enoughSun. I recommend you usesunscreen.dress up very well and do not ex sustanding temperaturesextreme.39° is normal forseason of the year.for Tuesday, 30°.a cold front is going tobring a mix of winter and

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