New York will experience a cold Tuesday night, according to the weather forecast | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

animal species untonice pictures of the zooFrom the bronx, now let’s fly withstephanie vies and the reportfull of the conditions of theweather.there are places under the status offreezing.stephanie: could we seetemperatures falling to 32 o31st for the next few hours,but this will be shortduracón.thetemperatures tomorrow.we are in the medialet’s take a look at theconditions tomorrow.we have a beginning of the day withtemperatures at 38 °.at this time, the breeze comesfrom the northeast doChanging.we receive wind from thesoutheast, heats thetemperatures they will reachin the afternoon the mediafifties.the cloudiness is increasing,because we are monitoring asystem that will bring us alittle rain on the night ofThursday.clear skies, increases thetemperatures to the alid lastemperatures in the peaksyou went in it you went for dry wings,tomorrow media 50 by thestreet, then the 60’s, we fallabout 20 ° between Thursday and Friday.back to the media 40.for the beginning of the end ofweek, again trust.

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