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New York Mayor and Latin American Consuls Define Joint Agenda for Migrant Communities

New York Mayor’s Office and Latin American Consuls defined a joint work agenda that prioritizes urgent issues for migrant communities

After the meeting between the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, and the members of the Coalition of Latin American Consuls of the city (CLACNY), which is chaired by the Consul of Colombia, Andrés Mejía, a work agenda was established that will be focuses on four areas: resources for migrants, mental health, preparation for employment and dignified treatment.

Accompanied by 12 consuls from the countries of the region, Consul Mejía expressed to the local president the need to deepen articulated work between the city agencies and the accredited Latin American consulates to support our communities with greater determination.

“We want to work on an agenda together: consulates and the Mayor’s Office, to bring initiatives to our communities that result in better living conditions for them. That is why we present this axis of work that involves providing them with job opportunities, strengthening mental health, the protection of their rights and dignified treatment for migrants.”said Colombian diplomat Andrés Mejía, who spoke as President of CLACNY.

At the meeting, Consul Mejía thanked, on behalf of the communities, the support and institutional efforts carried out by the Eric Adams administration to facilitate the insertion and adaptation processes that migrants face when they arrive in this city in search of opportunities.

“We are very grateful for the work and commitment of your administration to our Latin American citizens. The communities have an ally, which is you, in this new process that they begin in their lives”This is how the Colombian Consul recognized the Mayor of New York for the notable effort to help migrants.

For his part, Eric Adams, Mayor of New York, presented an assessment of the actions they have carried out to address the immigration crisis in this city, and highlighted the importance of CLACNY for local institutions. Finally, he confirmed that this year efforts will be intensified to work more closely with Consulates for the benefit of migrants.

The mayor of New York was accompanied by the Commissioner for International Relations, Edward Mermelstein; the Commissioner for Migrants, Manuel Castro; the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commissioner of the New York Mayor’s Office of International Affairs, Aissata Camara; and the Director of the New York Mayor’s Office of Asylum Seekers, Moly Schaeffer. .

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