New year: sexy ideas for New Years Eve

In the New Year, why not redo a gift … But naughty this time? “When it comes to sex toys, there are the timeless,” explains Patrick Pruvot. But beware, not just any. “The little duck is over. However, the rabbit still has the wind in its sails. It allows a double clitoral and vaginal stimulation. But the big advantage of this vibrator is that it has been able to adapt to new technologies. “Some are heated. Others are connected. Thanks to applications, some devices can be controlled remotely by your partner… ”

Contactless sex toys

Another innovation that is on the rise: pulsating air. “The big advantage of these devices like the Womanizer or the Sona is that they are contactless. A plus for those that the penetration of the complex sex toy. These are actually pressure waves that will stimulate the clitoris. “

Pleasure for 2

“The use of sex toys by men is less frequent,” concedes Patrick Pruvot. “But some can stimulate both partners at the same time. This is the case with We-vibe. This sex toy for couples is worn during love. It allows double stimulation, G-spot and clitoris. For men, these are the vibrations that will stimulate the penis during the act. “

Some classics

Finally, and if you do not want to invest in a sex toy, some “classics” always have their effect. This is the case with handcuffs for a “nice submission”. But also oils or massage candles. Today there are heating and even edible ones.

Finally, if you are in a playful mood, there are game boxes “like the scratch card game for a year of fun”. The principle: one card per week, and in turn, you scratch it and discover your pledge or a naughty adventure to achieve.

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Source: Destination Santé

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