New visitor record for Top 2000 Café in Sound and Vision NOW

In the last week of December, another record number of people went to the Top 2000 Café. There have been 36,000 visitors to Sound and Vision in Hilversum so far this year to attend the live broadcast of the annual hit list.

Last year 32,000 listeners went to the improvised café, which has been set up at the institute since 2010.

NPO Radio 2 broadcasts the Top 2000 every year. Up to 150 people can be in the café at the same time and everyone can stay in for up to half an hour per ticket.

People could buy tickets online and at the door. All tickets were sold out in no time.

The Top 2000 Café opened on Christmas Day. The Top 2000 ends at midnight. Bohemian Rhapsody van Queen is again in first place.

A total of 215,000 visitors attended Sound and Vision in 2019. The year before, that was 200,000 people.

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