new variant of coronavirus in kerala: ജനിതകമാറ്റം വന്ന വൈരസ്? Kovid sends samples to 18 people from UK who came to Kerala for testing – 18 uk returnees test covid-19 positive in kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: Genetic modification Kovid came to Kerala from the UK and confirmed the presence of the corona virus in the UK to 18 people. Special tests have been launched to determine if they have the new virus.

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Samples from 14 persons who arrived in Kerala were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune for detailed examination. Four samples will be sent for testing tomorrow.

Genetic mutation confirmed in the UK Corona virus It is spreading to different countries. Following this, inspections and monitoring were strengthened in Kerala. The virus has been confirmed in European countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia and Lebanon. The virus has since been found in France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In this situation, the restrictions in India are getting stronger.

The government has extended the country’s special standards until January 31 in the wake of the discovery of the genetically modified corona virus in the UK.

Despite the decline in the number of new Kovid cases in India, the alarming situation continues in the UK. The Union Home Ministry said caution was needed in this regard.

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Kovid-19 Monitoring and precaution are required until the epidemic is completely eradicated. Areas will continue to be divided into contiguous zones. The Center has stated that the restrictions imposed here should be continued and the instructions given should be strictly followed.


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