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New Study Identifies Blood Biomarkers for Early Heart Attack Detection

Thursday, 22 February 2024 12:03 IWST Editor: Hadi Ismanto

PMJ NEWSA recent study from researchers at Uppsala University is said to be able to identify signs of heart attacks in sufferers through blood biomarkers.

This simple blood test procedure can be used to provide an ‘early warning’ system, allowing time for preventative action before the first heart attack occurs.

The researchers are also designing online technology that anyone can use to find out their current LDL and HDL cholesterol numbers.

In fact, later you can also find out waist circumference, height and several other details, so you can predict the possibility that someone will experience a first heart attack in the future, especially within the next six months.

The study authors examined blood samples from 169,053 Europeans who had no previous cardiovascular disease.

They compared the blood of 420 people who had their first heart attack within six months, and compared it with the blood of 1,598 healthy people.

Approximately 91 molecules from the blood were identified in this study as biomarkers of an impending heart attack.

“This new tool is based on the type of blood test that a person usually undergoes during an examination, it does not actually involve the newly identified series of molecules,” said the study’s senior author, Dr Johan Sundström, quoted from the Medical News Today page, Thursday (21/2/2024).

“We were initially surprised to see that no newly identified molecules could beat existing molecules. But this is good news, because these markers are already available in health services today,” he added.

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