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new scandalous photos and shocking revelations!

Maeva Ghennam is a very well-known candidate from Marseilles. She is very popular with reality TV fans for her strong character and her ability to say out loud what everyone thinks out loud. She never mince words and always defends herself, be careful not to upset the beautiful brunette under pain of a violent argument!

His relationship with another Marseillais candidate, Greg Yega, was also widely publicized. Indeed, the couple was very appreciated by the fans of the show but the two lovers kept tearing each other apart. In the end, they separated but soon came together, outside of the shooting of the Marseillais.


Maeva Ghennam allegedly introduced her ex-boyfriend to her family and later invited him to her 23 years. But everything went very badly… Greg bought a sublime luxury bag for the birthday of the one he was still in love with but according to him, she did not thank him enough.

Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega: their reunion seems close!

He then decided to ask her to return the bag he would give to someone who “deserves it more.” This requirement made Maeva Ghennam mad with rage who refused to return her.


She explained that he had managed to spoil his birthday party with his behavior, especially since he wanted to fight with a friend of Maeva. She finally made the decision to resell the bag to Manon Marsault and donate the money to the Restos du Coeur association.

Since then, it’s the cold war between the two ex-lovers. Maeva makes her living on her side and Greg too. But the two candidates will surely soon find themselves… Indeed, they would both be part of the starting line of the Marseillais VS the Rest of the World 5! We do not know how their reunion will go but we suspect that fans of the show will soon attend new clash scenes…

Maeva Ghennam: soon a baby? She makes revelations!

In any case, the beautiful brunette is determined to turn the page of her romance with Greg Yega. She wants to find love and not for any reason! She admitted in Instagram story that she wanted a child… Indeed, Maeva Ghennam says she is ready to be a mom. She often takes care of her niece who is everything to her and therefore would like to have her own daughter.

Maeva wants with a little girl to share a real relationship with her, to dress her like her and take pictures of her. She declared that she would ask her future lover to give him a child. The Marseillais candidate does not want to wait: as soon as she falls in love, she stops the pill. At least it’s said!

Maeva Ghennam shows everything on Instagram… and gives you clues to find love

Close-up of Maeva Ghennam's behind
Source : capture Instagram

In the meantime, she continues to offer product placements and promo codes to her Instagram followers. The beautiful brunette reveals her beauty secrets and recently appeared in an Instagram story with a sheath allowing the posterior to be pulled up. So she made an amazing demonstration to say the least or she revealed everything, as if she wore nothing! Maeva then wore a dress without the sheath and then put it on again to show the difference before / after.

Maeva Ghennam shows her behind with a sheath
Source : capture Instagram

Besides this sheath revealing all her posterior, Maeva Ghennam also spoke of a dating application that she surely uses: Fruitz. She is therefore in search of love! She explains to her subscribers that in the summer, everyone was looking for a darling or a darling, and that this application was perfect for that. According to her, people are honest on Fruitz because they say directly if they are looking for an evening relationship or a real relationship.

Maeva Ghennam presents the Fruitz dating app

It is a perfect application for the young woman who is looking for the man of her life, likely to give her the child she wants more and more every day… Will Maeva Ghennam succeed in finding the one she is looking for? Only time will tell !

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