New O2 tariffs: more data for slightly higher prices and 5G for everyone (slower for some)

As expected, O2 in announcing its new tariffs took advantage of the fact that T-Mobile will provide connection to the 5G network only for its more expensive packages. O2 says in a press release that, unlike other operators, it is setting up 5G for all its customers. However, some will continue to have their speed artificially restricted, according to the details of the tariffs, which are due to come into force on 15 September.

Warning first: all listed prices are valid only with a two-year tenure, without it they are about a fifth higher. However, from 2020, fixed-term contracts can be terminated without penalty after three months.

For packages with a set amount of data, O2 comes with an increase in their amount. With the cheapest FREE + Blue tariff, the customer will receive 3 GB of new data for CZK 549 per month instead of the original 2 GB, FREE + Bronze jumped from 4 GB to 10 GB (and the price rose from CZK 649 to CZK 699 per month) and FREE + Silver from 14 GB to 20 GB (the price increased from 849 to 899 CZK per month). The most expensive FREE + Gold remains on 60 GB of data.

For tariffs with unlimited data, it introduced a new NEO Modrý tariff, which costs CZK 899 offers unlimited data per month at a limited speed of 10 Mbit / s. The NEO Bronze package remained at CZK 1,099 per month and the data speed increased from the original 5 Mbit / s to 20 Mbit / s. Unlimited speed (in the 5G network, if the customer is already in the covered area) is offered by up to NEO Stříbrný (CZK 1,299 per month). For more expensive tariffs, the operator adds minutes for calls abroad and data for roaming outside the EU to unlimited data.

Author: O2

O2 also introduced two prepaid services, which cost CZK 299 per month and differ in whether they emphasize calls and SMS or data. For the first variant, the prepaid service includes 3 GB of data (plus free SMS and free minutes for calls), for the second 7 GB of data (without free SMS and minutes for calls). As far as the customer is only concerned with data, a subscription with 7 GB of data for CZK 299 per month is more advantageous than the FREE + Blue tariff (3 GB for CZK 549) and when converting GB to CZK, it is also better than FREE + Bronze (10 GB for CZK 699).

Compare the O2 offer with new T-Mobile tariffs a s Vodafone offer.


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