“New Leaked Details on Apple’s Reality One Mixed Reality Headset”

Sources from within the American company, “Apple”, clarified new details and leaks regarding its upcoming “Mixed Reality” headset.

And it is one of the most prominent leaks that were confirmed by sources within “Apple”; Is that the new “mixed reality” headphones, which will be called “Reality One” from “Apple”; It will be supported by an external power source, and will not be supplied with batteries, due to the American company’s concern about the high temperature of the headphones, and to make them lighter and more comfortable while wearing them.

These leaks confirmed what the sources said about “Apple” equipping the “Reality One” headphones with two “USB-C” ports. One to transfer data, and the other to connect it to the charging source, pointing out that for this, “Apple” has equipped magnetic cables that connect to the headphone, via a circular tip that is installed on the headphone automatically.

As for the external power source, it will be a device about the size of an iPhone, and the headset can be worn for two full hours on a single charge from the device. During the “Apple” conference for developers and programmers, it will be offered for a fee of approximately $3,000.

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