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New gas tariffs: how much will Ukrainians pay in winter

In Ukraine, the gas tariff until May 2022 is fixed at about UAH 8 per cubic meter, while Naftogaz has undertaken to sell the blue fuel teplokommunenergo for UAH 7.42 per cubic meter. Such a retention of prices may lead to a gas shortage in the country as early as next year.

This is stated in the material ZN… Thus, the retention of prices, according to experts, may allow maintaining relatively stable prices for energy resources for ordinary Ukrainians.

“The existing reserves in gas storage facilities should be sufficient until the end of the heating season. But in the future, Naftogaz will have to independently compensate for the difference between the real cost of gas and the price of its sale,” the article says.

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Also, according to the authors of the material, this will lead to losses for Naftogaz, it will lack about UAH 20-25 billion. And the worse the financial situation of the company, the less opportunities to develop its own production and, as a result, the worsening of the energy situation in the country.

“It should be remembered that in the absence of transit through Ukraine, the European gas transportation structure is not powerful enough for the physical pumping of gas volumes necessary for our country from Germany to Ukraine. Russia will remain the real source of gas for purchases, “the publication says.

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