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New friend Bridget Maasland has already met her parents

According to Bridget, she will “behave a little crazy” if she has butterflies in her stomach. “I don’t recognize myself at all,” she says in the podcast. “I don’t think it’s the nicest side of myself.” The presenter says that she can sometimes literally lose herself in the other: “I can then change like a chameleon into what I think the other person wants from me. And then I think: hey, bah! That’s not fun at all, because I’m much nicer as myself.”

Although it depends on who she’s a crush has. “Perhaps because the previous crush was quite a fiasco, which everyone got involved in,” she says, referring to her relationship with André Hazes. “So maybe I learned something from that. I go there less now head over heels and try to temper it a bit.”

Nevertheless, Bridge’s new lover has already met her parents. “My mother was in my house at once when he was there,” explains the face of RTL Boulevard. “My father too, by the way, but that was not so consciously at all. I don’t really think you have to make such a thing out of it.”

By the way, Bridget’s new flame is, contrary to what evil tongues claimed, not a pauper:

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