New felling permit for bears in Namdalen

The case is being updated.

– I was informed by the State Administrator on Tuesday that permission had been given to kill the bear that is in the middle of the area where I have my sheep, says sheep owner Roberth Berre to Namdalsavisa.

This is the second felling permit in the district this season. At the end of June, a young female was killed who had taken sheep in the area between Beitstad and Bangdalen.

Berre says that he has lost four animals so far this grazing season

– They are the ones I have found, but I guess there may be more.

For the time being, the felling permit is valid until 3 August.

No to Snåsa

NRK Trøndelag reports that Snåsa municipality was rejected in its application for a felling permit for bears after the discovery of sheep carcasses at Lustadelva and Grønnlihøen.

The reason is that a female was detected in the relevant area last grazing season.

– .

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