New features: Whatsapp status becomes classified information

Whatsapp expands the status function. Zacharie Scheurer/dpa

Anyone who has used the Whatsapp status function up until now had to live with the fact that the status was visible to everyone. Those times of total openness are now over. In the future you can specify exactly who can see the messages.

Whatsapp users will soon be able to make their status classified. If you want to share news or photos using this function, you can specify who can see your own status or which contacts should not see it. The last selection is saved and used as the default for the next status update.

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Status messages disappear within 24 hours and could previously consist of text, photos, videos or GIFs. But WhatsApp has planned changes here too: on the one hand, voice messages up to 30 seconds long will soon be possible. On the other hand, there should be preview images that show the content of links posted in the status.

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Whatsapp: Green circle means new status

So that you don’t miss anything, Whatsapp has come up with a new notification, the profile ring: As soon as a contact shares a new status message, a green circle appears around their profile picture – both in chat and group lists and in the contact information. It will also be possible in the future to react directly to a status with emojis by swiping up on the message.

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According to the information, the new status functions are to be introduced worldwide for both Android and iOS and will be available in the next few weeks.

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