new container city Qatar: Qatar ready to build new container city, will be operational by the middle of this year – new container city open soon at qatar

Qatar ready to build new container city The city is gearing up to be able to store everything from camping equipment to household items. Items will be stored in containers. A fixed rent must be paid for such storage. The new container city is planned to be located in the Bujod area of ​​Doha. The documentary was released by the authorities yesterday. The container city is expected to be operational by the middle of this year. The Municipal Environment Minister signed the agreement with the company yesterday.

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Items can be stored in containers

Necessary items such as tools, furniture and home appliances can be stored in containers here. It is sufficient to pay rent for as long as this is kept. The city is being built with state-of-the-art facilities

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The city will benefit small and medium enterprises

The new city will benefit small and medium-sized companies and individuals. The scheme will be of great benefit to the traders who are facing difficulties due to lack of storage facilities. Many people have been seen putting equipment on the roadside and the authorities hope that a solution to this problem will be found. It will also eliminate many types of violations.

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Lots of facilities

The city is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. It will have accommodation for workers, good new roads and loading and unloading facilities. It is planned to use the latest technologies required for distribution and storage.


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