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New Buggy 0.18.0 update .. Learn about the most important new additions and surprises in the game for Season 13

PUBG update 0.18.0 After the Buggy Mobile game became one of the most famous electronic games, but the first among them, the search for the Buggy Mobile update increased, as this game includes millions of users from all nationalities of the world, and everyone wants to know the new updates that have been added within the game to increase its enthusiasm and continuous suspense, It is reported that those in charge of the game made a strong campaign before the update was performed on all users and closed all accounts that use the hack.

Update mobile game 0.18.0

Where it will carry Update mobile game for mobile A lot of areas, including Sir Park area, will also be added a new and exclusive weapon p90, which is equipped with 9 ml bullets, and also a warehouse containing 50 shots, and the weapon will provide different modes of shooting, including consecutive shots, individual shots, automatic shots and many additions carried by the update of mobile phone For season 13.

And adding some features on the Miramar maps, including the availability of the Win94 rifle, the presence of sandstorm effects on some areas of the Miramar maps and the main menu, as well as adding some new achievements that increase the enthusiasm of the game and for players to test their skills on the updated maps, and players can earn a lot of Gifts, exclusive surprise and various achievements in game modes after participating in the events of Miramar maps.

Adding new shapes of the zombies with their high ability to climb walls and others, the disappearance of snow, adding a lot of new cities, roads and residential areas, and adding a side chat for support in case of inquiries or problems in the game.

Now all users of the game can receive the Pebgy Mobile thirteenth season update, and enjoy all the new additions and equipment that have been introduced in the game, therefore for all Android and iPhone phone holders, as the manufacturer of Bebbji said that the updates carry many gifts and surprises for users.

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