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New ban on a gathering for Thomas in Bordeaux presenting “a proven risk of violence” – Rue89Bordeaux

A decree from the Gironde prefecture prohibits the gathering in tribute to Thomas planned for Friday December 8 at Place de la Bourse for fear of “clashes between the ultra-right and ultra-left movements”.

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Victoria Berthet

The press release from the Prefecture this Thursday is almost identical to that of the previous week. It targets the new call relayed by the small far-right group Bastide Bordelaise for a tribute to Thomas Perroto, killed in a knife attack in the Drôme. Announced on social networks a few days ago by La Cocarde Bordeaux, a far-right student organization, the gathering was scheduled for Friday December 8 at 7 p.m. at Place de la Bourse.

“This gathering, declared by the prefecture, presents a proven risk of violence, the Bastide Bordelaise having called on social networks to join it, and the ultra-left having also called, in reaction, for a gathering in the city center. Clashes between the ultra-right and ultra-left movements are regular in Bordeaux and cause serious disturbances to public order and security,” writes the prefecture.

Anti-fascist response

Like last week, the Bordeaux Antifascist Offensive (OAB) called for retaliation by a gathering a few meters further, Place Jean-Jaurès at 6 p.m. The Prefecture has therefore banned “undeclared processions, parades and gatherings from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on certain roads and public spaces in the city center”:

“Indeed, demonstrations, some of which are undeclared, between extreme left and extreme right groups are highly likely to be organized that day in the city center of Bordeaux, as evidenced by the calls on social networks. »

Last Friday, September 1, the OAB maintained a “moment of discussion on local and national news” in the Saint Michel district, “in response to the gathering initially planned by far-right groups in Bordeaux”. According to the illustration in his Instagram post, around twenty activists were present.

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