Never put the tea towel on the oven door. This is a huge mistake, pointed out one experienced housewife

Do you do it too? Instead of placing the tea towels on a hook, simply hang them behind the oven door. It seems like a convenient choice and you certainly wouldn’t think you were doing anything wrong. But there are many reasons not to.

What is the cloth used for?

Do you also have different towels at home? While some are intended solely for cleaning wet and clean dishes, you have reserved the other color for cleaning the table, hands, or lining hot pots. If that’s how your family works, that’s all right. It will never happen to wipe a clean glass with a cloth, which you would inadvertently smear from the dirt you rubbed on it while preparing food.

Having a well-organized family is also important from another point of view.

It definitely doesn’t go into the oven

Seems easy. As soon as you clean the dishes, place the tea towel on the oven door, where it dries quickly thanks to the heat and you can use it again. But that’s not the best idea. When you imagine how many family members use the oven, it becomes clear to you. Yes, it’s about cleaning. As people open the oven to look inside, they rarely wash their hands before doing so.

In practice, the oven handle is a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. This is definitely not a place you would want to put a clean cloth and then use it to wipe a clean glass you will drink from.

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Better get into maintenance

When you hang a tea towel over the oven, it’s clear you don’t want to clean the inside of the oven that way. Having multiple towels is a really unpleasant bad habit. Instead, you could spend five minutes on regular oven maintenance. Simply clean the inside of the oven after each use. So it will still be as good as new. If you don’t let the dirt inside the oven dry and cool, it will go down well and your oven will still be nice and clean.

No more leaving tea towels on the edge of the oven. It is not hygienic. Instead, let the appliance clean for five minutes. It will reward you with a perfect look and a long service life.

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