Neuralink: Elon Musk Confirms Advances in Technology That Connects Your Brain to a PC


In July 2019, businessman Elon Musk had announced the new project from the firm Neuralink, with which he seeks to develop a interface to connect a human brain to a computer and help the treatment of patients with neurological disorders through brain stimulation. After the first announcement, Musk shared on his Twitter account that we will have news of this project on August 28:

This project, according to the founder of Neuralink, can “Achieve a kind of symbiosis with artificial intelligence” and they hope to have a first human patient in late 2020.

Part of the new business generated in Silicon Valley they seek the same purpose. Following Neuralink’s announcement in 2019, Facebook acquired CTRL-labs, a company dedicated to the investigation of the control of machines and computers through the mind. In addition, it already works in conjunction with the University of California – San Francisco to develop a system that allows write to interfaces from our brain without using our hands.

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