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“Netmarble’s ‘THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’ Collaborates with SEGA’s ‘Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown’ in Latest Update”

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Netmarble Corporation, the world’s leading high-quality mobile game development and publishing company, announced that its popular RPG mobile game “THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR” has launched a new update. From now on, the “THE KING OF FIGHTERS” series will cooperate with SEGA’s representative “Virtua Fighter” series “Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown” for the first time.

Players will be able to fight alongside iconic characters from Virtua Fighter history and form dream teams with their favorite THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR characters. This update will also add “Akira”, “Pai” and two original style fighters. “Sarah” and “Jacky” will also appear in future updates. In addition, the original style fighters will feature familiar features from the “Virtua Fighter” game that first launched in October 1993.

“EX Akira (yellow attribute/attack type)” has a leader skill, which can increase the damage of attack and strike skills; and the special skill allows him to apply an additional attack power equal to several times the attack power to the target when he hits a strike skill. At the same time, there is a certain chance to remove its defense and endow the target with petrification effect.

“EX Pai (Purple Attribute/Defense Type)” has a leader skill, which can increase basic attack, strike skill damage and attack speed by a certain percentage. The “Pai” special skill allows him to provide buffs to the team for a period of time after he hits a skill on an enemy currently in an abnormal state.

Players will be able to obtain “Original Style Akira” for free by logging into the game, and can awaken him 5 times by playing the game content. “Original Style Sarah” will be obtained through in-game summoning. Various content exclusive to this collaboration will also be launched through this update, including “Cooperative Boss Challenge” and “Dream Showdown (players can meet all fighters)” and “Mini Racing Game”.

This update will also introduce several events:

● Cooperative Boss Showdown: A high-level boss attack mode featuring “Akira” from “Virtua Fighter” as the boss. Additional rewards will be unlocked as the player clears more stages.

● Cooperative Fantasy Showdown: Play real-time 3v3 matches. Even if players have not unlocked Virtua Fighter fighters, they can fight with various Virtua Fighter fighters. It provides an excellent opportunity for this cross-border cooperation to show practical results.

● Jacky’s Racing Cars: Players can enjoy an arcade-style racing game with great rewards.

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