Netizens Reaction After Axelsen Loses in the 2023 India Open Final

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Netizens are boisterous after the world’s best men’s singles Viktor Axelsen fell from the representative of Thailand Kunvalut Vitidsarn in the finals India Open 2023.

Axelsen surprisingly lost to Thailand’s Kunlavut Vitidsarn in the 2023 India Open men’s singles final which took place at KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, New Delhi, Sunday (22/1).

The world number one badminton player lost to Kunlavut Vitidsarn who was the eighth seed at the 2023 India Open with a score of 20-22, 21-10, and 12-21.

Axelsen’s defeat shocked world badminton fans. Netizens also discussed Axelsen’s defeat on social media.

The video upload of Axelsen’s defeat to Kunlavut on the BWF Instagram account was flooded with comments from netizens.

Following are the reactions of netizens after Viktor Axelsen lost to Kunlavut Vitidsarn in the 2023 India Open final:


“Kunlavut is crazy, wherever he chases the ball until Axelsen gets dizzy and shakes his head. In the end, the men’s singles don’t just look for runners-up. Enter the feed Axelsen also means a troublesome opponent for sure,” said a netizen in the BWF Instagram comment column, Sunday (22/1).

“Again, the strategy of draining the opponent’s manpower was successful. Good job boy three-time junior champion. Note that in the second game, Axelsen drained as much energy as possible with the aim of reducing the power of his smash. and yes, in the third game, Kunlavut’s execution succeeded by inviting high-intense rallies, Axelsen was no longer able to boost the smash because defence view already solid. Axelsen was exhausted. Once again congratulations Kunlavut,” said another netizen.

“Finally the robot was defeated. Indonesian people are full of smiles,” said one netizen.

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“[Axelsen] I’m tired of winning, maybe I want to feel in the second row,” said another netizen.

“Citizens of the earth are happy,” said one netizen.

“Finally the aliens lost,” said one netizen.

Axelsen lost in the first game after making a number of mistakes that left him far behind Kunlavut.

In the second game, Axelsen was actually able to appear impressive with a 21-10 victory over Kunlavut Vitidsarn.

But in the third game, Axelsen made a number of mistakes and ended up losing 12-21.

Furthermore, Axelsen and Kunlavut Vitidsarn will perform at the 2023 Indonesia Masters which will be held at Istora Senayan starting Tuesday (24/1).

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