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“NBA playoffs 2022-23: Analyzing the favorites to win the championship”

The NBA has entered the final stretchsince the last qualifiers for the playoffs have already been defined, both in the Eastern and Western conferences, and starting next Saturday, April 15, the semifinal instances will be played.

Thus, it is key to analyze which are the favorites to take the trophy of the 77th edition of the most important basketball league worldwideremembering that in this instance and until the final the winner of each series will be the best of seven games.

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NBA 2022-23: the favorites to win the title

In such a way, and taking into account that the first of each conference will play against an eighth -coming from the ‘play in’- both Milwaukee Bucks and Denver Nuggets arrive with the title candidates signgiven that they were the best in the Eastern and Western conferences, respectively.

Even so, the level shown by the Bucks was higherTaking into account that he won 58 games and barely lost 24. For his part, heThe Nuggets won in 53 games, and lost in 29. Likewise, historically the Milwaukee team is a little higher, taking into account that they have won the NBA twice (1971 and 2021), while the Denver team has never played in the final.

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For their part, and taking into account the historical potential they have and the noise they generate, one can never rule out the boston celtics (they were second in their conference) and to the Lakers (despite the fact that they come from the play in); the Golden State Warriorscurrent champions, also got into the fight for the title.

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