NBA: Kyrie Irving is not vaccinated: he thinks there is a satanic plan to connect black people to a computer

Nor is it no secret that Kyrie Irving, one of the great stars of the Nets and of the NBA it’s a quirky guy with some strange beliefs. From their talks supporting the theory of ‘flat earth’ until his media boycott incident, the grassroots does not hesitate to enter into all the discussions and various theories about the origin of the world. As crazy as they may seem.

An article from the publication Rolling Stone now reveal that Irving has shown multiple times your support for COVIC-19 vaccine deniers. In fact it isAmong the 50 or 60 NBA players who have not yet been vaccinated a few days before the training camps begin.

Follower of a conspiracy theorist

Irving, vice president on the executive committee of the players union, recently started to follow and like to the Instagram posts of a conspiracy theorist which states that las “secret societies” are implanting vaccines in a plot to connect blacks with a master computer for “a plan of satans“.

This disinformation campaign on Moderna’s microchip has spread between various NBA groups and group chats, a dozen players, some Hall of Fame members, league executives, sand court workers and virologists interviewed for this story During last week.

New York forces players to get vaccinated

This month two of the most progressive cities in America, New York and San Francisco, made official the obligation that athletes have to be vaccinated to play indoors, except with an approved medical or religious exemption. Unvaccinated players from Knicks, Nets y Warriors, if any, They will not be able to play the home games, but be the ones who play outside.

Don’t play home games

When asked directly about Irving’s vaccination status, or his plans to change it, several people familiar with his thinking declined to respond. But a confidant and a member of the player’s family leaked to the publication Rolling Stone the idea of players are meditating skipping home games to circumvent the laws of New York, or at least threaten to protest against them, until the NBA changes its way of acting.



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