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NBA Evening News|The Warriors are dissatisfied with Wiggins and Clay being trapped in contract negotiations and pursuing his dream but being rejected_Game_Rockets_Clippers

Original title: NBA Evening News|The Warriors are dissatisfied that Wiggins and Clay are trapped in contract negotiations and are being rejected for pursuing their dreams.

Hello friends who follow the NBA! There are a total of 8 NBA games on November 29, of which 3 have attracted more attention. The Thunder and Timberwolves had a battle for the top spot in the Western Conference. Alexander scored 32 points and Edwards scored 21 points and 5 rebounds but retired due to injury. The Timberwolves relied on their defense at critical moments to narrowly defeat the Thunder and maintain first place in the Western Conference. Three Warriors scored 20+ points, leading the Kings by up to 24 points, but collapsed and lost in the last quarter. Doncic had 41 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, Irving had 27 points and 5 assists, and the Mavericks narrowly defeated the Rockets. Let’s take a look at the post-match interviews and hot news on November 29:

Reporter Kendra Andrews revealed that contract negotiations with the Warriors have recently become a heavy pressure on Clay. It’s obvious that he gets frustrated more easily during games. Sometimes he would sit alone at the end of the bench during timeouts, or slap his head in frustration after a missed shot.

Wiggins reportedly did not take the necessary time to get back into physical shape during the offseason after missing an extended period last season due to undisclosed personal issues. A team source added that his poor conditioning is irritating some within the organization.

3、Clippers self-media calls for Lu to be dismissed from get out of class

Yesterday in the NBA regular season, the Clippers lost 104-113 at home to the Nuggets, who were without Jokic, Murray and Gordon. The Clippers’ old guard Reggie scored 35 points and 13 assists, and DeAndre Jordan scored 21 points and 13 rebounds.

The Clippers’ self-media tweeted: Tyronn Lue must be fired. If he can lose to Reggie and DeAndre Jordan, what reason do they have for him to continue coaching?

4、Cuban is making money

According to reports, Mavericks owner Cuban sold a majority stake in the team to Miriam Adelson and the gaming tycoon Adelson family, with a valuation of approximately US$3.5 billion.

When Cuban bought the Mavericks in 2000, he spent 285 million.

5、Point differential leads to Warriors loss

The Warriors were reversed by the Kings with a 24-point lead, and ultimately lost to the Kings 123-124 and missed the chance to advance.

After the game, US media Talkin NBA retweeted: The net rating is a stupid rule and the NBA should cancel it.

6、Reporters talk about chasing dreams

In the final quarter of the Warriors’ game against the Kings, Dream Chasing was knocked to the ground by a suspected big elbow from Lyles. He then remained on the ground for several seconds without getting up, and the referee did not make a call. After that, Zhui Meng complained to the referee for several seconds, and the referee gave him a technical foul.

The American media ClutchPoints retweeted this video of the game, and reporter Farbod retweeted: One of the most unlikable players in the league.

7、Fox talks Warriors

When talking about the Warriors, Fox said: We play against them often, we met them in the playoffs last season. This is always a challenge. Obviously, Curry is Curry. They’ve had the upper hand for a while. If we meet them again in the playoffs, that’s something we’ll have to overcome.

8. Clay: Don’t be discouraged

Clay played 17 minutes in the first half and scored 17 points on 5 of 9 shots. He played 19 minutes in the second half and scored 3 points on 1 of 5 shots.

Clay said: Don’t be discouraged by a poor performance tonight. We are going home with a chance to correct the course. I still believe this team can do something special. I know we will reduce the mistakes and it will be amazing. .

9、Warriors insider’s look inside

ESPN reporter Andrews published a report about the Golden State Warriors. He wrote: Curry scored at least five more points than any other Warriors player in 13 of his first 15 games, the same thing he did in 2015-16 when he won the only unanimous win in NBA history MVP voting.

A Warriors source told ESPN: Victory solves all problems. We didn’t play very well, to be honest.We are no longer the kind of team that can win games at will at any time.

10. The combination of “profit” is getting better and better

The Bucks defeated the Heat 131-124 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the mid-season tournament. Antetokounmpo scored 33 points and Lillard scored 32 points. The two again scored 30+ in the same game.

According to statistics, they have averaged 30+ points in three consecutive games, and there has never been a situation where two people have scored 30+ points at the same time.

11. Doncic: My defense is very good

The Mavericks defeated the Rockets 121-115. Doncic played 37 minutes and made 15 of 29 shots, including 3 of 10 three-pointers and 8 of 9 free throws. He scored 41 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 steals.

When talking about his defense, Doncic said: I think my defense is very good. I know many people will disagree, but my team knows it and the coaches know it.

12. Rockets 0 wins and 6 losses in away games

The Rockets have 0 wins, 6 losses and no wins on the road this season. In the past five away games, the Rockets have only lost a total of 22 points, and except for the Warriors, they have led in the final quarter.

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