Nawal Al-Kuwaiti: Biography, Husband, and Plastic Surgery

What is the origin of Nawal Al-Kuwaiti? Who is the husband of actress Nawal Al-Kuwaiti? As she is a constellation of Gulf singers and a distinguished singer in the world of singing, she is considered one of the golden generation singers in the State of Kuwait. She has presented to her fans more than 17 albums under her name, and the public wants to know information about her. So, from here we will present Nawal Al-Kuwaiti’s CV.

What is the origin of Nawal Al-Kuwaiti?

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti is considered to belong to the category of Bidun who were not able to obtain Kuwaiti citizenship easily. Despite her birth and settlement in the State of Kuwait, the origin of her fathers and grandfathers is not from that country, and it is not known where they are from until now.

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However, her fathers and grandfathers continued to live in the State of Kuwait without citizenship, and were given the name of the Bidoon category, and as a result of Nawal’s continuous quest to obtain citizenship as a result of her work and her having to travel a lot, she succeeded with great difficulty in obtaining Kuwaiti citizenship.

Biography of Nawal Al-Kuwaiti

It is worth noting that Nawal Al-Kuwaiti is one of the Gulf talents that has been spreading for several years, and some information about her can be clarified through the following points:

Full name: Nawal Dhaher Habib Al-Zaid. Nickname: Nawal Al-Kuwaiti. Name in English: Nawal Zaher Habib El Zaid. Mother’s name: Fatima Al-Mahmoud. Artistic title: Gulf Harp. Place of birth: I was born in eastern Kuwait. Residence: She lives in Kuwait City. Citizenship: The Arab State of Kuwait. Nationality: She now holds Kuwaiti citizenship. Mother language: Arabic. Other languages: Kuwaiti dialect. Ethnicity: Arab. Education: unknown. Religion: She embraces the Islamic religion. Sect: People of the Sunnah and the community. Marital status: Married. Number of children: a boy and a girl. Profession: Singer and artist. Years of activity: from 1984 AD until now.

Who is the husband of actress Nawal Al-Kuwaiti?

It should be noted that the husband of the artist, Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, is the famous Kuwaiti composer, Meshal Al-Arouj. They had a strong love relationship before marriage, and they both decided to marry on March 4, 2009.

The artist, Nawal Al-Kuwaiti, has given birth to a daughter and a son so far, and they are (Hanan – Suleiman) Mishal Al-Arouj. Al-Arouj is 6 years younger than the artist, as he is 49 years old, and she is 55 years old. She was previously married twice, but they separated as a result of many disagreements. Family.

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti before and after plastic surgery

Recently, the Kuwaiti artist “Nawal” appeared to her fans with more youthful and feminine features than before, and some expected that she had resorted to plastic surgery, as the audience had known “Nawal” since her first appearance at a young age.

Her features were very soft, and with age she resorted to filler and Botox injections. In order to maintain her appearance, she lost some weight and appeared more fit.

The Kuwaiti artist “Nawal” is considered one of the most famous stars in the State of Kuwait at the present time and in all the countries of the Arabian Gulf. She was known for her wonderful voice that distinguished her from other artists of her generation, and she became the focus of press attention.

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