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NATO Secretary General Emphasizes Continued Support for Ukraine in Face of Russian Aggression


Secretary General (Secretary General) NATO Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that Western countries had no alternative but to continue supporting the fighting Ukraine oppose Russia. This confirmation was conveyed when doubts emerged regarding the support that continues to be provided United States of America (US) to Ukraine.

“It happens very often in war when people realize that this is probably going to take a long time, this is very demanding, this is difficult,” Stoltenberg said in an interview with AFP at NATO headquarters in Brussels, as reported AFPTuesday (28/11/2023).

“We have no other alternative. The alternative, to let President (Vladimir) Putin win, is a tragedy for Ukraine and dangerous for us,” he stressed.

The US has provided more than $40 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began more than a year ago, and has pledged to continue supporting Kyiv as long as necessary. But opposition from the Republican Party raises questions about the future of US aid to Ukraine.

“Despite the difficulties, despite the lack of progress, or achievements or territorial gains, we need to continue to support Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

“We have a responsibility as political leaders and also as citizens of our country to support Ukraine,” he added.

Furthermore, Stoltenberg dismissed concerns about the failure of Ukrainian troops to make a breakthrough and doubts about the West’s commitment to fuel the Kremlin’s belief that they can still achieve victory in the long term.

“Putin has not achieved what he wanted in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine was a strategic mistake and a big defeat for Putin,” he said.

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