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National Health Identity – INS

To allow all users (except foreign visitors) to have a single identity, the law defines as INS number:

  • le NIR : registration number in the national register of natural persons, more commonly known as “social security number”;
  • le NIA : waiting identifier number – if the user does not have an NIR: this is the case for children registered as eligible.

Thus, dn the case where the user is the insured himself, the INS number will be identical to the social security number used to reimburse treatment.

In the event that the user is different from the insured person (caring for a child insured by one of his or her parents, for example), the INS registration number will be different from the social security number used to reimburse care.

Defined thus, theThe INS registration number makes it possible to link each user to a unique identifier and therefore to a unique file (the Shared Medical Record or DMP) allowing you to reference and share your health data.

This same number is used to define the address of the patient’s Secure Health Messaging system, allowing healthcare professionals to communicate securely with the patient.

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