National Council: The plenary week in detail

National Council: The plenary week in detail – Education


The budget debate is at the heart of the plenary week. But there are a number of other decisions to be made, including those relating to the education sector. This will receive 6.1 percent more in 2021. The amount is mainly due to increases in personnel costs.

Expenditures for universities and scientific research will grow by 4.7 percent. Universities benefit most from this. More than twelve million are earmarked for the Vienna COVID-19 Diagnostics Initiative as part of the Corona crisis management.


From the school year 2021/22, pupils who do not attend religious instruction should have to take part in the compulsory subject ethics from the ninth grade. Vocational schools and polytechnic schools are excluded. The ninth school grades will begin in 2021/22, followed by the ninth and tenth grades the following year, etc. The final expansion will then be achieved in 2025/26. The extent of the lessons is set at two hours per week.

Resolution SCREENING

An SPÖ application wants, among other things, that the teachers are included in screening programs.

Resolution MATURA

An FPÖ initiative is committed to ensuring that the repeat examination for the Matura can be taken during the current school year.

Resolution TEACHING

The coalition factions want the government to create apprenticeships with a focus on digital manufacturing.


The legal right to special care time is established. Employees who have to look after their children at home because the school or kindergarten has closed due to the corona should be able to take up to four weeks off, whereby the employer will be reimbursed the costs. This also applies if the child is in quarantine. The regulation is limited to the end of the school year. However, it has no effect in the current lockdown because the schools are open.

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