Nancy Pelosi wants to set up committee to assess fitness presidents | Abroad

It is about future presidents and not President Trump, Pelosi said Friday. Trump’s corona infection and his medical treatments are the reason. According to Pelosi, Trump’s recent ‘changed situation’ raises the question of whether he still has legal capacity.

If there is a majority, the 16-member committee would not be set up until after the 3 November elections. It should take Democrats and Republicans, half of whom should be medical professionals.

The establishment, according to the Democrats, is possible on the basis of the 25th amendment to the constitution, which contains rules about what happens when a president can no longer hold office.

Republicans reject the proposal as a “stunt” three weeks before the election. Trump himself argues that the “crazy” Pelosi is aiming with the proposal to have his Democratic rival Joe Biden quickly replaced by his ‘running mate’ Kamala Harris in the event of the election win.

In order to permanently remove a sitting president from office, both the House of Representatives and the Senate must agree to this by a two-thirds majority.

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