Mysterious Disease Outbreak Hits Village in Upper Egypt: Symptoms and Precautions

More than 250 people in a village in Upper Egypt have been infected with a mysterious disease that causes high temperatures and severe body fatigue.

And the Ministry of Health in Egypt announced that the symptoms of all the injured are very similar, noting that teams from preventive and curative medicine and epidemiological surveillance were sent to investigate information about the disease in the village of Al-Aleqat in Qena Governorate, and to take samples from patients and environmental samples.

Statement of the Egyptian Ministry of Health

Vector control teams have been dispatched, and samples of water and sanitation have been checked. The numbers of similar complaints have been counted. Symptoms do not form a uniform pattern, and they all range from mild to moderate, and do not require hospitalization. Similar symptoms are high fever, bone pain, and fatigue, and last from 3 to 5 days. Common symptoms among infected people may indicate a number of diseases such as cold, influenza, gastroenteritis, and fever, which spread in conjunction with high weather temperatures, and disappear with rest, antipyretics, and drinking fluids.

Street spray

A resident of the village of Al-Aleqat said that the number of infected people has increased in recent hours, indicating fears that the disease may be contagious.

He continued, “Over the past hours, we have been trying to spray the streets with pesticides and detergents in any area where there are a number of infected people, in addition to helping sick families deliver their needs.”

Prevention prescription

Head of the Bacteriology Department at Cairo University Hospital, Nahla Abdel-Wahhab, says that “dengue fever” is likely to be the disease prevalent in the village, and it is one of the diseases that need rest and fluid intake, and is transmitted by mosquito bites, and in some cases causes a rash.

And she continued, “The symptoms of the disease are a high temperature, severe fatigue, a feeling of broken bones, nausea, and pain behind the eyes, and some cases suffer from a shortage of platelets or white blood cells.”

And the head of the bacteria department at Cairo University Hospital advised anyone who feels a symptom related to the disease, especially those near the injured, to turn to the specialist doctor to conduct the necessary analyzes and examinations, especially antibody analyzes, while taking the appropriate treatment that the doctor indicates.

She stressed, “It is very important to have good nutrition on days of infection, to avoid exposure to mosquito bites, to use blood thinners such as aspirin, and to use insect repellents inside and outside the home.”

2023-07-16 12:20:12

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